Case Study: Reaching Consistent Audiences with OrkaTV Custom PMPs

Orka Ads is the leading Streaming TV ad marketplace, bringing demand directly to linear FAST channels.

On the demand side, we consistently run into a common set of problems. The biggest one is that buyers — ad agencies, brands, DSP sales teams — tend to think about the target audience the same way Adwords or Facebook defines it, as individually-identifiable users. But television advertising is uniquely powerful, and while programmatic controls are available in Streaming TV, the real value of television can be very difficult to achieve using tools built for clicks.

This is a massive market need, and we are now offering our solution directly to agencies and brands.


In today’s digital age, with its infinite distractions, advertisers struggle to capture consumer attention, let alone engage with them effectively. Meanwhile, viewers are becoming more selective about the content they consume and the ads they see, leading to higher expectations for personalized and relevant experiences.

FAST is the new television, but it’s growing so quickly that it’s almost impossible for agencies and brands to keep up. Even though programmatic advertising is powerful, the growth in the market has made it much more work than anyone expected. Some campaigns may need to transact hundreds or even thousands of buys before seeing a return on ad spend.

In other words, despite the new power of programmatic advertising on television, it’s still very difficult to reach the exact audience advertisers need.


Orka Ads has thousands of linear FAST channels in its marketplace. We vet each one for quality, and ensure critical metadata is present, including genre, rating, language, channel name, and more.

We then curate channels that deliver similar and consistent audiences into custom PMPs, which makes it easy to programmatically place ads on all channels in the PMP with one buy. We already offer a common set of genre and interest-based PMPs, such as Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, News, Hispanic, and more. Even better, our tech allows us to create these custom PMPs quickly, in order to capture opportunity and attention from tentpole events such as March Madness, the World Cup, Black History Month, and more.

Once an advertiser’s campaign runs, we provide a fully transparent wrap report, allowing the advertiser to gauge effectiveness and to adjust targeting for the next campaign.

The result is exactly what the market needs: prestige content, an easy and transparent buying experience, and a consistent audience for each PMP.

Case Study

OrkaTV partnered with SportsGrid to launch a custom PMP that contains live sports and sports halo content. It’s called SportsGrid Plus, and it delivers a curated set of channels with a focused audience of hard core sports fans.

Content includes all top sports categories, with content during pre-game, live games, and post-game analysis.

“We are thrilled to partner with OrkaTV to bring our advertisers a private marketplace that offers unparalleled access to our premium sports programming,” said Jason Sukhraj, GM Syndication of SportsGrid. “The SportsGrid Plus PMP enables us to deliver targeted and effective advertising for national, regional, and local markets to our clients, providing a secure and exclusive environment for their brand messaging.”

Advertisers that need to reach true sports fans now have a new option that supports full programmatic bidding, a simplified buying process, and transparent reporting.

Top Sports

Top Channels

Top Services


SportsGrid Plus is an example of our commitment to deliver engaging user experiences and an impactful advertising environment. By curating PMPs for different genres, we offer a unique and effective way for brands to reach their target audiences with relevant and engaging ads.

More to the point, SportsGrid gets a unique and effective offering for its clients, sports fans get more relevant ads, and advertisers get access to a more engaged audience.

“We are excited to collaborate with SportsGrid to create a private marketplace that leverages the engagement of sports programming to deliver targeted advertising solutions,” said Mike Woods, Founder and CEO of OrkaTV. “Our advanced targeting capabilities and analytics tools enable advertisers to reach their desired audience with precision, while providing a transparent and efficient buying process.”

As the CTV landscape continues to evolve, OrkaTV’s approach to PMPs provides an innovative and effective solution for advertisers looking to improve their ROI and user engagement.

Next Steps

For advertisers interested in the SportsGrid Plus PMP, please contact SportsGrid for more information.

For publishers interested in launching their own custom PMP, reach out to OrkaTV for more details.

We have big plans for Streaming TV.

Just wait til you see what we’re doing next.