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    CTV is Real Estate’s Secret Weapon

    The real estate market is constantly evolving, and savvy agents are looking for new and innovative ways to reach potential clients. In recent years, there’s been a surge in popularity of Connected TV (CTV) advertising, and for good reason. Here’s why real estate agents should advertise on CTV: 1. Massive Audience Reach: Over 90% of […]

  • OrkaTV Launches Ads Manager to Democratize CTV Ad Buying

    OrkaTV, the largest direct connection to over 3,500 FAST Channels, is proud to announce the general availability of a new product called Orka Ads Manager. Orka Ads Manager enables small businesses, agencies, and brands to place ads on brand-name television channels in minutes, starting at just $500 per campaign. Orka Ads Manager offers a variety […]

  • FreeWheel and OrkaTV Introduce a New Industry Solution for Advertisers to Reach Target Audiences on FAST Channels

    NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FreeWheel, a global technology platform for the television advertising industry, and OrkaTV, the leading marketplace for streaming TV, today announced that they have partnered to provide marketers with a new way to buy advertising in today’s fast-growing, free-ad supported streaming television (FAST) sector. “It’s an exciting time to be in the FAST space”Post this […]

  • Podcast: Founder and CEO Mike Woods on SMB Media Consulting

    As the Founder & CEO of OrkaTV, Mike Woods is one of the chief architects of the current revolution in television, streaming TV. Along with Stefanie, Mike discusses the ins and outs of streaming TV, his journey to creating Orka, and the services and products it provides as a leader in the streaming marketplace. Mike also […]

  • Democratizing CTV Ad Buying

    Overview The current free, ad-supported streaming service (FAST) boom we are seeing in our industry is the result of the technology that powers these services becoming cheaper and easier to use. This has led to over 1,600 unique channels from name brands such as A+E and Fox to brand new publishers like Future Today and […]

  • Streaming TV: The Sweet Spot for Ad Buyers

    Streaming TV is for buyers who want to keep up with audience changes while maintaining the value of Linear.  Problem  As recently as 2019, Linear TV accounted for 80% of total video viewing for adults. Now it accounts for roughly 50% of TV usage, according to Nielsen. The medium is undoubtedly in structural decline. But […]

  • OrkaTV and Vibe announce a new way for advertisers to reach premium FAST channel viewers

    New Partnership Connects Thousands of Vibe’s Advertisers to Over 3,000 FAST Channels in OrkaTV’s Streaming TV marketplace. CHICAGO, Oct. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OrkaTV, the leading marketplace for Streaming TV, and Vibe, the all-in-one TV ad platform, today announced a partnership to bring performance advertising to Streaming TV. For the first time, Vibe enables advertisers to drive brand […]

  • Loop Media Introduces a Self-Serve Video Advertising Platform on Loop TV, Powered by OrkaTV

    New beta-testing local video advertising platform provides a new source of potentially significant ad revenue for Loop TV GLENDALE, Calif., September 21, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Loop Media, Inc. (“Loop Media”) (NYSE American: LPTV), the free streaming television media company for business which provides over 2 billion video views every month via restaurants, retail businesses, office buildings, doctors’ […]

  • Podcast: Founder and CEO Mike Woods on TV

    OVERVIEW Mike Woods, Founder and CEO of OrkaTV Join David McBee and Mike Woods as they delve into the dynamic world of Connected TV (CTV) advertising. They explore the disparities between the soaring consumption of streaming content and the seemingly slower growth of CTV ad spend compared to linear TV and cable. Mike posits that the […]

  • How Ad Tech Is Like A Roomba 

    Twice a week, chaos ensues in my house. My Roomba is programmed to run Monday and Friday mornings and does a great job keeping to that schedule.  What it doesn’t do a great job at…well, its actual job.  The Roomba is supposed to be a revolutionary “set it and forget it”robo vacuum cleaner. Each time […]

  • FAST Men

    New York City, 1996 In a dimly lit room, thick with cigarette smoke, TV ad buyers leaned back in leather chairs, a tumbler of bourbon in one hand and a cigar in the other. They were salesmen, titans of television advertising, navigating the booming industry during its heyday. The clinking of ice cubes and the […]

  • Why TV Out-of-Home (TVOOH) is Real Television

    I was sitting at the bar sipping on a beer at a time only appropriate at airports, when I became fixated on an intense surf competition streaming on the TV behind the bartender. 11-Time World Champion Kelly Slater was riding waves in hopes of keeping his 2024 Olympic bid alive. After five minutes straight of […]

  • Case Study: Reaching Consistent Audiences with OrkaTV Custom PMPs

    Orka Ads is the leading Streaming TV ad marketplace, bringing demand directly to linear FAST channels. On the demand side, we consistently run into a common set of problems. The biggest one is that buyers — ad agencies, brands, DSP sales teams — tend to think about the target audience the same way Adwords or […]

  • SportsGrid & OrkaTV Launch Sports-Genre Private Ad Marketplace (PMP)

    SportsGrid is excited to announce the partnership with OrkaTV to curate a sports genre private marketplace (PMP) called SportsGrid Plus for programmatic advertisers. The new Sports PMP will provide advertisers with access to premium sports programming and targeted ad inventory through a secure, invitation-only programmatic platform. With the increasing demand for targeted and efficient advertising […]

  • Prime Time Highlights for Holiday Shopping

    The Orka Ads Marketplace features thousands of Streaming TV channels, and handles tens of billions of monthly ad requests. Each Prime Time Highlight is handpicked to showcase the variety of programming available from Orka Ads. Today’s Prime Time Highlight features a breakout FAST channel with a lot of holiday cheer. The day after Thanksgiving, the […]

  • Prime Time Highlights for the World Cup, 2022

    The Orka Ads Marketplace features streaming tv channels covering every imaginable genre and topic, and handles tens of billions of monthly ad requests. Each Prime Time Highlight is handpicked to showcase the variety of programming available from Orka Ads. Today’s Prime Time Highlight features sports programming — including FIFA World Cup related content — similar to ESPN, […]

  • Prime Time Highlights for July, 2022

    The Orka Ads Marketplace features streaming tv channels covering every imaginable genre and topic, and serves billions of monthly ad requests. Each Prime Time Highlight is handpicked to showcase the variety and opportunity available from Orka Ads. Today’s Prime Time Highlight showcases tasty summer programming, similar to America’s Test Kitchen, Food Network, or Martha Stewart. The HUNGRY ChannelFrom […]

  • The InFOCUS Podcast: Mike Woods

    If you think this is just another streaming CTV/OTT puff story, you’re wrong. Amagi serves broadcasters with advanced cloud-based automation, playout, and delivery. And, Amagi’s products enable the creation, distribution, and monetization of channels such video services as streaming, OTT, and, of course, traditional broadcast. Mike Woods joined Amagi right before the pandemic in February of 2020 […]

  • Streaming Wars: Why SVOD Services are at a Crossroads with Mike Woods

    While cable services may be on life support, the simple truth is that live TV captivates audiences in ways on-demand content can’t. Maybe it was the anticipation that came with watching Roy Halladay fan 11 Marlins hitters in a perfect game for the Phillies back in 2010, or the anxiousness that occurs watching state-by-state election […]

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