OrkaTV Launches Ads Manager to Democratize CTV Ad Buying

OrkaTV, the largest direct connection to over 3,500 FAST Channels, is proud to announce the general availability of a new product called Orka Ads Manager. Orka Ads Manager enables small businesses, agencies, and brands to place ads on brand-name television channels in minutes, starting at just $500 per campaign.

Orka Ads Manager offers a variety of benefits for advertisers, including:

  • Ease of use: Advertisers can create and launch campaigns in minutes with no prior CTV advertising experience.
  • Premium content: The Orka Ads Marketplace features premium content from major brands such as A&E, Fubo, and Future Today.
  • Affordability: Campaigns start at just $500, making CTV advertising accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Orka Ads Manager may be simple to use, but it’s powered by state-of-the-art technology from ElementalTV, a leading provider of cloud-based CTV advertising solutions. The Orka Ads Manager leverages ElementalTV’s A.I.-driven dynamic pricing that optimizes campaign pacing based on real-time factors, enhancing efficiency and maximizing return on investment. Also, ElementalTV’s advanced Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) technology ensures a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience for users, enhancing the effectiveness of ad delivery on CTV.

OrkaTV runs a FAST Channel ad marketplace, and is dedicated to improving the experience for advertising on CTV. The main problem with the CTV advertising industry as a whole is ad fill rates. While FAST audiences are growing at a record pace, a report by One Touch Intelligence puts ad fill rates for the growing FAST Channel market at a paltry 38%. 

There are many reasons for this fill rate problem, but one thing is clear. The industry needs to expand and democratize the market for TV advertising. Historically, 500-600 advertisers dominated TV ad spend. In contrast, there are 9 million search and social advertisers, representing nearly $300 billion in ad spend a year just waiting for a viable way to buy TV.

The Orka Ads Manager was built to address this problem, and to enable TV advertising for companies who have never been able to before.

“FAST has democratized television, allowing thousands of new channels to reach viewers with low operating costs. The Orka Ads Manager will enable SMBs to buy ads on streaming TV with localized, targeted campaigns starting as low as $500. This was never possible before. It’s a game changer that will supercharge the new television”, said Mike Woods, Founder and CEO, OrkaTV.

OrkaTV’s Ads Manager is available now at am.orka.tv!

We have big plans for Streaming TV.

Just wait til you see what we’re doing next.