Podcast: Founder and CEO Mike Woods on SMB Media Consulting

As the Founder & CEO of OrkaTV, Mike Woods is one of the chief architects of the current revolution in television, streaming TV. Along with Stefanie, Mike discusses the ins and outs of streaming TV, his journey to creating Orka, and the services and products it provides as a leader in the streaming marketplace. Mike also describes what he thinks streaming TV will look like in the future.

About OrkaTV: There is endless promise in the Streaming TV revolution, from global audiences, to a proven, simplified viewer experience, to the ability to personalize advertising on prestige television, and more. OrkaTV was founded to deliver on that promise. The company’s first product is Orka Ads, which serves as the direct connection between Advertisers, Channels, and Streamers. Traffic is almost exclusively viewed on televisions, so advertisers get the benefit of real TV, with all the branding and awareness value that has always delivered. The company is also hard at work on Phases 2 and 3, which deliver the promise of Streaming TV directly to consumers.

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We have big plans for Streaming TV.

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