Get timely stats with Orka Ads Portal.

Get to-the-day stats and actionable data. Numbers are up to date by the day, and give you the insight to understand how to increase efficiency and performance.

Highlights for Channel and Content Owners

  • Ad Requests and Impressions

    Track viewership and advertiser interest in your programming.

    Orka Ads Portal: Ad Requests & Impressions for Content Owners
  • Revenue and RPM

    Follow the trends of your revenue and profitability.

    Orka Ads Portal: Revenue & RPM for Content Owners
  • Audience Metrics

    Understand the geography, devices and other info about your viewers.

    Orka Ads Portal: Audience Metrics for Content Owners

Highlights for Agencies and Advertisers

  • Spend per Channel

    Track your actual spend by Channel.

    Orka Ads Portal: Spend per Channel for Advertisers
  • CPM per Channel

    Ensure your CPM targets are on point.

    Orka Ads Portal: CPM per Channel for Advertisers
  • Top DMAs

    Confirm your ads ran in the regions you specified.

    Orka Ads Portal: Top DMAs for Advertisers

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