SportsGrid & OrkaTV Launch Sports-Genre Private Ad Marketplace (PMP)

SportsGrid is excited to announce the partnership with OrkaTV to curate a sports genre private marketplace (PMP) called SportsGrid Plus for programmatic advertisers. The new Sports PMP will provide advertisers with access to premium sports programming and targeted ad inventory through a secure, invitation-only programmatic platform.

With the increasing demand for targeted and efficient advertising solutions, SportsGrid and OrkaTV have developed a comprehensive and effective advertising platform for brands. The PMP will provide advertisers with exclusive access to SportsGrid’s high-quality live sports programming, as well as innovative targeting options to reach the sought after Adult 18-34 demographic.

The SportsGrid Plus PMP will be the exclusive marketplace for SportsGrid’s streaming inventory and will extend advertisers’ reach across additional leading sports channels and sports content on streaming video FAST channels.  The SportsGrid Plus PMP brings direct access to the highly engaged sports audience during pre-game, post-game, and live streaming options. The platform uses aggregated audience data managed by OrkaTV to optimize reach and frequency to drive the return on investment across connected TV, linear TV, and digital media.

“We are thrilled to partner with OrkaTV to bring our advertisers a private marketplace that offers unparalleled access to our premium sports programming,” said Jason Sukhraj, GM Syndication of SportsGrid. “The SportsGrid Plus PMP will enable us to deliver targeted and effective advertising national, regional and local market solutions to our clients providing a secure and exclusive environment for their brand messaging.”

Through the PMP, advertisers will have access to detailed reporting and analytics, allowing them to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and make informed decisions about their advertising strategies. Additionally, the platform will offer flexible buying options and pricing models to meet the diverse requirement of advertisers’ campaigns.

“We are excited to collaborate with SportsGrid to create a private marketplace that leverages the engagement of sports programming to deliver targeted advertising solutions,” said Mike Woods, Founder and CEO of OrkaTV. “Our advanced targeting capabilities and analytics tools enable advertisers to reach their desired audience with precision, while providing a transparent and efficient buying process.”

At launch, the SportsGrid Plus PMP has access to over 800 million ad impressions per month across 200 FAST sports channels bringing both brand name and brand new content to viewers including sports betting coverage, MMA, adventure sports/outdoors, motor sports, professional wrestling, professional and collegiate sports coverage and more.

For advertisers interested in the SportsGrid PMP, please contact SportsGrid or OrkaTV for more information.

About SportsGrid:

SportsGrid, Inc. is the multimedia content and technology company providing digital innovative solutions for the convergence of sports content, gaming, and NextGen interactive video technology. The SportsGrid multimedia destinations include SportsGrid Streaming Video Network, SportsGrid Radio,, and SportsGrid Studios. SportsGrid intelligence and data are provided by Sportradar featuring the seamless integration of their real time comprehensive data feeds and content solutions. For more information, please visit

About OrkaTV:

OrkaTV is a leading provider of advanced advertising technology solutions, offering innovative targeting and optimization tools for brands and agencies.  For more information, please visit

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