Content Delivery Specifications

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Streaming Requirements

Live Stream Source Feed: HLS URL.m3u8 url
Live Stream Source Feed: SatelliteDownlink Details
Live Stream Source Feed: IP FeedRTMP/UDP/SRT
Ad MarkersSCTE-35
AudioAAC, MP2, MP3, AC3
Closed CaptionsSRT, SCC, VTT

Platform Requirements

Channel NameExample: SportsGrid
DescriptionExample: SportsGrid is a premier destination for real-time sports betting news, analysis, and advice. Here, you can find the best sports bets today, from top sports bets to Live Sports Betting, Daily Sports Picks, Player Props, Game Props, and Parlays.
EPG1. Download EPG template file (Excel file), enter a list of programs and the corresponding start time/end time, and upload.
2. Using external EPG service providers
Enter the EPG Provider Name and the Live Channel Code given by the external EPG service providers.
3. Gracenote and TiVo support
LanguageSupported languages
GenreSports, News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, etc.
Default Thumbnail ImageDimensions: 444 x 250
File size: max 90kb
Default Poster ImageDimensions: 1920 X 840
File size: max 200kb
Mobile Poster ImageDimensions: 1600 X 1156
File size: max 200kb
Default Logo ImageDimensions: 512 X 512
File size: max 75kb
TV Guide LogoDimensions:150 X 50
File size: max 75kb

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