Reach your ideal audience on Streaming TV.

Our marketplace has no random apps, no unknown networks, no unvetted content.

Just quality TV that people want to watch.

  • Channels
    Linear FAST Channels from known publishers.
  • Quality
    Prime time Channels that people actually watch.
  • Prime Time
    Content & ads meet US broadcast standards.

Orka Ads lets you buy the Channel, not just part of it.

If you place your ad directly with one of the OEMs (such as TV manufacturers), you can only access about half of the ad slots due to revenue splits.

Since Orka Ads is an open marketplace, you can place your ads on the channel wherever it plays, not just on one service.

Orka Ads is built for advertisers:

All inventory in our marketplace is vetted and validated to ensure quality of content, delivery, and ad experience.

It’s also targeted to television sets, which gives us major advantages. You can be sure your ad’s viewability is 100%. Our View Completion Rate is over 99%. And our IVT/Error rate is extremely low.

  • Transparency
    Your ad will appear exactly where you want it, and nowhere else.
  • Standards
    We conform to IAB standards for content and ads, so you’re in brand-safe territory.
  • Clean IVT
    Your impressions are yours. Our IVT/Error rate is extremely low.

We have the reach of broadcast TV...

The major content brands are already on Streaming TV, and many more are joining, creating a market far larger than cable. Our marketplace allows you to place ads against desirable content that your audience is already watching.

...and the targeting and reporting of programmatic.

Your campaigns can target geography down to Zip+4, demographics, ethnicity and language, and more. And our Client Portal lets you see how you’re doing in near real-time.

We’re the Easy Button for impressions.

We built the tech that powers Streaming TV. Orka Ads is the marketplace that brings programmatic ad buys and tracking to television advertising.

We work directly with you to ensure you reach your target market.

The ad marketplace has many ad servers, each with their own quirks. This is not trivial, and it’s not something that can corrected for without access to the entire demand path. Because we’re direct, we see the entire demand path, and we bring that insight and expertise to bear on your campaigns, ensuring that you get maximum impressions.

We offer leading audience targeting features.

We offer full-featured tareting options such as geo down to zip code, day part, channel, and genre.

You can also provide your own user-level data that our systems will display in real time based on the individual viewer.

Let’s be direct.

The best way to see how we can help is to meet.